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Eggs in Space

HELP!!! The Eggs are invading and the peaceful people of Spoonville have sent you up into the cosmos to defend them in this unique tap'n'crack action game.

Have you got what it takes to stop this pandemonium before the Eggs in Space enslave us all?


Impress, amuse and annoy your friends in equal measure! Download the game's soundtrack as oh-so-catchy ringtones. There'll be a new one added every week.

Week 1: Eggs In Space Theme (part 1)
- iPhone format (519KB)
- MP3 format (694KB)

Meet the eggs

Egg Leg Pete
I be the fearsome Egg Leg Pete. Pirating, pillaging and burying treasure on faraway moons be my specialities, aaaarrr!
Gnasher's the name and bringing pain and peril to the people of Spoonville is my game.
Well hello, I'm Hotlips. I just lurve to watch girlie films like Eggs in the City and Filthy Dancing right after I've had a few drinks and gone spoon-bashing.
They call me Smiler - I like laughing, eating, invading solar systems and I'm looking for a nice soft boiled egg to settle down with.
The Captain
Attention! Quiet while The Captain speaks! Old boy, I'm an intrepid egg who has seen action before and I'm partial to a spot of Spoon hunting with the chaps.
X Ray
Yo peeps, I'm X-Ray and I'm one mad egg. I've been roaming space chomping up unsuspecting planets and people since I was first laid. I just hate Spoons, yo!
Billy the Mouth
I'm Billy the Mouth, who the hell are you?

The bosses

Big Blue
I'm Big Blue and my favourite sounds include The Blues Brothers, The Moody Blues and The Egg. I also rather enjoy menacing space-strangers.
Bonjour, je m'appelle Claude. J'habite en outer-space. Spoons are my bete noire...
You're talking to Vinnie, I provide protection for vulnerable eggs and I'm involved in several other legitimate businesses. Just don't ask questions, capiche?
Stop fooling around - I'm Bubbles the clown!


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